paparazzi invading celebrities’ privacy and at it again

When it comes to being a celebrity there are a lot of things that make their careers challenging. One such issue happens to be a common threat to many celebrities known as paparazzi. Paparazzi are news reporters that are often working under magazines, blogs and other such places with their sole efforts of being paid to report everything celebrities do, say, tweet, and take photographs that are often intrusive.


The issue with paparazzi is often that they can become extreme in some of their efforts when it comes to getting celebrities while their out and about or catching a photo of a new celebrity child. Over the course of time this has landed many paparazzi photographers in a lot of hot water. In fact, in places such as California, due to the aggressiveness of some paparazzi, there are laws now in place that are made to protect celebrities from these kinds of attacks.


Everything a celebrity could possibly do often winds up the in the tabloids because of the paparazzi. Some of these pictures and articles can bring good publicity which means good things for the celebrity, while others can hurt their careers. While many celebrities try to live as normal lives as possible, it’s always hard to when you’re constantly being watched and photographed. Always being in the spotlight may come as a price to be a celebrity, but that doesn’t mean they don’t crave and want the same sense of privacy and normalcy that most of us take for granted.


For example, Kendall Jenner who is a model among other things had one particularly bad run in with a paparazzi. After spending all night out at a club, she exited sweaty, tired and ready to go home. Unfortunately, outside waiting on her was a paparazzi photographer who felt it was okay to invade her personal space and attempt to take up close photos of both Jenner’s face and body. While she was reported as having asked the paparazzi to leave her bed, she was ignored and went for the camera. The result was the paparazzi attempting to say that she assaulted him.


These are types of things that go on during a regular basis for most celebrities. While most will either allow the paparazzi to get their photos and move on, there are always the ones that will snap and become physical and confrontational with the paparazzi. Numerous cases over the years have gone before the judge in which either a paparazzi attempts to sue the celebrity, or which the celebrity is suing for harassment among other things.


Jenner is by far not the only celebrity to deal with such an issue. In fact, well known musical artist Pink also got confrontational when she attempted to spend time out with her family and then newborn daughter. A paparazzi happened to see Pink and her daughter Willow and got in the child’s face and a little too personal for Pink’s liking. Feeling as though her child’s safety was at danger, the singer punched the paparazzi because she felt it unfair that her child was being treated in such a disrespectful manner considering she couldn’t defend herself. Before his death, Michael Jackson came under fire with paparazzi and fans alike when photos of him supposedly dangling his newborn child over his balcony were thrown all over news and media outlets.


While the child was in no danger, and the celebrity singer had made mention he wasn’t dangling the baby, and that he had been standing on the balcony with his child and the media construed things. If ever there is an embarrassing moment, or one that a celebrity wouldn’t want caught on her camera, you can be sure that a paparazzi will capture it. Unfortunately, in some cases there isn’t much that can be done. Just like journalists and other media outlets, Paparazzi are often protected by the freedom of speech and freedom of press amendments found in our constitution.


Of course, this isn’t to say that they can get away with all that they do, as there are many law suits in the past that have been filed against the paparazzi when they become too physical. Thankfully, for many celebrities they have body guards in place and other hired staff that are there to help shield them from paparazzi and help them get around in their daily life without being hassled so much. It also keeps the paparazzi from forcing entry on their property trying to get good photo’s or being too over bearing. Over the last course of a few years more and more states are picking up on laws to help protect celebrities from the paparazzi and make it so that in cases in which the paparazzi may become physical, there are lawsuits and charges that can be pressed against them. However, despite some laws that are in place now, not all states recognize them or have them which means there are some places that make celebrities more vulnerable than others.